Bailey Performance Horses

Bailey Performance Horses

Our ranch provides a setting where a young horse can be developed using the unique assets we possess that reach far beyond the arena. We believe the key to long term soundness and mental maturity is a foundation made both inside and out of the arena.

Thank you for looking into training with Bailey Performance Horses. Here are a few things to consider when inquiring with us. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Training Begins at $1100/month

Why a waiting list: 

From the inception of Bailey Performance Horses we knew that we wanted our program to be focused on quality training and care. To keep this mission in mind we keep the horses in our care at a manageable number. We feel this protects our mission and also the investment our clients make in their horses’ future. Waiting periods can range anywhere from 30 - 120 days. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for our waiting list. 

Why we require at least 60 days: 

We have chosen a 60 minimum training period for all incoming horses. We feel this allows us to take the time to evaluate each horse individually and give them a solid foundation to start and grow from. We believe that a solid 60 day training regimen will better a horse’s foundation for its entire career. Obviously, horses often stay longer than the initial 60 days and once a horse is here in training it is welcome to stay as long as needed. The only exception for this 60 day standard is when we do not feel we are improving our clients investment and the horse is not steadily progressing. 

Ranch Visits & Lessons:

We often receive inquires for ranch visits and/or lessons. We have found that the best way to protect the investment of our clients is to offer lessons and visits by appointment on a limited basis, with priority to current clients. This allows us to make sure that each horse gets the attention and training that it requires on a daily basis, ultimately allowing them perform at their highest potential. References are readily available upon request. 

How best to reach us:

Due to the nature of the business we are rarely in the office and here at the ranch we do not have cell phone service, but if’d like to speak with us you are welcome to leave a voice message and we will gladly return your call as soon as possible. Our home number is 541-443-2242 or you may email us at Please do not leave training inquires on our cell phones, or Facebook accounts. 

What supplement we recommend:

Although, we feed the highest quality Northwest grass & alfalfa hay it is important to remember that a horse’s nutritional requirements can significantly increase with training. That is why we may recommend adding Renew Gold from The Phoenix Company to your horse’s diet. For more information on Renew Gold, visit their website at .


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